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Part 1 Intorum Rage “-Sooooo...where’d you find this gun? -Eh? Why?! -Just curious......” Exotic Pulse rifle -Reload Animation: Pulse rifle -Rate of Fire: 450 rounds per minute -Stability: 70/100 -Range: 40/100 -Handling: 55/100 -Reload: 40/100 -Magazine: 39 Intrinsic Perk: Enrage: When critically wounded, this weapon will gain increased damage on precision hits Exotic Perk: Double Kills When critically wounded will heal you for a portion of your health, and grant a larger Magazine when you gain health and reload Revenge of Tavon “Tavon was a guardian of exceptional light, but when his death came it was painful. We shall remind them of his pain.” Exotic Auto Rifle -Reload Animation: Scout rifle -Rate of Fire: 600 rounds per minute -Stability: 65/100 -Range: 50/100 -Handling: 60/100 -Reload: 60/100 -Magazine: 45 Intrinsic perk: Tavon’s Vengeance: Double kills will grant you a small portion of super energy and refill a portion of the magazine Exotic Perk: Vengeance spreads: Triple kills generate a medium sized orb of light for your team (doesn’t work for you) Catalyst: Plus 10 Magazine and Perk “Dynamic Sway Reduction” -Catalyst is obtained by defeating enemies in strikes (30% drop rate) for the magazine boost, then you need 500 major defeats to get Sway Reduction Tempore Mythoclast (think of it like the light-rifle from halo 4) “...a unimaginable weapon model for the vex, seemingly designed to contain something...evil...” -Model Design: Precursor Vex themed -Exotic Scout rifle, Solar Energy weapon -Reload animation: Custom -Rate of Fire: 400 burst when hip-firing, 135 single shot when aiming down sights. -Stability: 96/100 -Range: 80/100 -Reload: 43/100 -handling: 55/100 -Magazine: 39 when hip-firing, 13 when aiming down sights Intrinsic Perk: Hip firing this weapon will fire a burst of three shots. Burst shots deal bonus body damage. Aiming down sights will fire powerful projectiles. Exotic Perk: Energy Overload: A random burst or shot (depending on the fire mode) will deal insane amounts of damage, but can only happen once every magazine. Aiming down sights allows for enemies to be highlighted. Targets killed by this weapon will disintegrate. -Catalyst: Plus 30 reload and Hidden Hand -Obtained from completing a secret quest on Mercury -Lore: “Message from Asher Mir to Ikora, Subject: Vex origins. Ikora, I hope this message reaches you. Doing research out here on Io with only distractions has proved to be a rather poor choice, but one that has gifted me a incredible discovery. The origins of the Vex may not be what we thought them to be. We know they consume worlds, and any organic life, but I discovered ancient glyphs within one of their Precursor constructs. I am working as hard as I can, but what I have found so far is (though it pains me to admit this) terrifying. The vex weren’t simply made to consume, they were built to protect worlds. Their nature was derived from beings beyond our comprehension, beyond the veil of the solar system maybe even the galaxy. According to what I’ve found, they’re made to fight something called ‘Canthûri’. I will redouble my efforts to understand this.” Cyclonic Warp “You never forget your first tornado.” Exotic Linear Fusion rifle, Arc -Reload animation: Custom -Rate of Fire: 20 -impact: 99/100 -Range: 80/100 -Stability: 30/100 -Reload: 30/100 -Handling: 40/100 -Magazine: 1 Intrinsic Perk: Cyclone: When this weapon destroys a high value target (yellow bar enemies or players) you gain additional reload speed. Exotic Perk: Tornado Alley: Precision kills increase movement speed, and spawn a tornado of arc energy which damage is based on the enemy it kills. -Catalyst: Acquired from raids. Plus 50 reload Byronic Adventure “Someone need a hero?” Exotic Scout Rifle -Reload Animation: Pulse rifle -Rate of Fire: 200 -Stability: 55/100 -Range: 70/100 -Handling: 55/100 -Reload: 55/100 -Magazine: 20 Intrinsic Perk: Adventurous!: This weapon is full auto, and fires faster and faster when holding the trigger with a minor damage penalty when firing at max speed (Max Speed is 360 rpm) Exotic Perk: Running Fun: As the Magazine gets lower, you have a chance you have extra ammo in the next Magazine (20-27) Yapclicks Trusty Do-gooder “Kill em! Kill em dead! -Five minutes later.... We sorry! We sorry! -30 seconds later... Not sorry!” Exotic Kinetic Sidearm -Reload animation: Custom -Rate of Fire: 280 -Stability: 30/100 -Range: 70/100 -Handling: 90/100 -reload: 30/100 -Magazine: 20 Exotic Perk: Swarm them!: When using this weapon against high priority targets, you gain increased reload speed, stability, and even more range -Intrinsic Perk: Welcome back!: Dying will cause a small flash bang (mild flash) and respawning will also trigger this flash. Extra glimmer (15% more) drops when using this weapon. Thorims Luck “Thorim was strong, wise, and lucky. The dragon ate his hand, he lost his strength. But not his wisdom and luck. Exotic Energy Hand cannon, Arc Reload Animation: Sidearm -Rate of Fire: 130 rpm -Stability: 48/100 -Range: 57/100 -Handling: 70/100 -Reload: 70/100 -Magazine: 9 -Intrinsic Perk: Wisdom: When dealing damage, one of your shots has a chance to refund all the ammo you’ve spent back to your Magazine -Exotic Perk: Dragon Bite: When you receive a full magazine from Wisdom, you have a chance to gain a damage boost for the first 3 bullets Eao’s Fire “Burn the world to a crisp, oh wielder mine.” Exotic Power weapon, Trace rifle (like a flamethrower), solar Reload Animation: Grenade launcher -Rate of Fire: 1000 rpm -Stability: 40/100 -Range: 50/100 -Spread of the flame: 68/100 -Handling: 40/100 -Reload: 50/100 -Magazine: 90 -Intrinsic Perk: Fire Breath: Fires a cone of burning fire. Ammo reserves increased -Exotic Perk: Burn the World: Creates a large area of Fire, burning anything inside it when destroying a major target. Lasts for 5 seconds -Lore: “Eao paced within his death realm. Ahamakara transcend death, and due to the City’s so called “Age of Triumph”, he had grown in strength due to all the wishes guardians asked of him. In return, he let the Red Legion have their city. That only proved to be a fatal mistake when Eao realized that Light and Dark now move again. But so does something else. It stirs, awake from its eon old slumber. Should it find both the Traveler and the Darkness, it’ll continue its galaxy wide campaign. Eao would not allow his tribute to be collected from it.” Vintana’s Savior “The Vex are coming for me, Osiris has not returned, and Brother Vance is still annoying...but I have hope now” Exotic Energy Pulse Rifle, Solar Reload Animation: Auto Rifle -Rate of Fire: 390 -Stability: 80/100 -Range: 35/100 -Handling: 50/100 -Reload: 40/100 -Magazine: 39 -Intrinsic Perk: Vex Defense: When Killing a target, it has a chance to spawn a oracle that will shoot arc energy at nearby enemies or shield allies -Exotic Perk: Killing any enemy besides vex, you have a chance to gain a small overshield. Does not apply to PVP Scylla of Effrideet “She had an eye for high value targets. Whenever she fired, an enemy of the city had died.” Exotic Sniper rifle, Kinetic -Rate of Fire: 90 -Range: 60/100 -Stability: 55/100 -Handling: 77/100 -Reload: 54/100 -Magazine: 5 -Intrinsic Perk: Keen eye: Radar stays active when aiming down sights. -Exotic Perk: 2 Rapid Precision kills grant truesight (aka seeing through walls) while scoped. Lasts for 5 seconds -Obtained from an Iron Banner Questline (does not actually need IB for it)

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