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7/5/2019 6:04:50 PM

Ambition’s End // Chapter 22, Last Intersection

Rest of the story (there is a tag as well): “Forgive me, you two. I strayed.” Phoros said, surprising himself. “I… can speak?” He opened his eyes to see a foggy plain of white. He looked around, but could not see his body. “Where am I? Was I teleported again?” He held his palm up, but his ghost did not appear. The fog began to clear, and he saw a cracked pillar come into view beside him. “Impossible. This is…” Eventually, his vision was no longer obstructed. He was standing in a ruined building, and the sun shone bright above him. He looked back down to see a hunter and a titan approach them. Their armor was fresh and new. “You’re those guardians… but if you’re here, then.” Phoros attempted to summon his ghost again, but to no avail. “Take it easy, Phoros. It’s all over.” The hunter held his hands out in front of him. “No, this can’t be. After that day, I changed. I can’t be… and my ghost, he-” “You’ve been separated in death, but don’t worry.” The titan looked up, putting a hand on her hip, “he knew you better than anyone else could.” “That’s not the point. I-” Phoros backed away. “Did a lot of crappy stuff, yeah, we know, but what you did in your final days is a testament to your real commitment.” The hunter walked away. “You deserve a lot, but think about the line between your true motives and the front you put up. You didn’t hunt the Guardian Killer just for yourself. Deep down, you were sick of seeing your fellow guardians die, like we did.” “It doesn’t matter anymore.” Phoros dropped his head. “I died. Everything I did went to waste.” “I don’t think so.” The titan began to disappear into nothingness, as the hunter had done seconds before. Phoros’ world began to go dark, and he felt as if he were being dragged away from the ruins. “What do you mean?” “The portal’s still open. There’s time.” - “We can make it! There’s still time!” Zahir whispered, eyeing the Vandal from behind the massive Hive door. He loaded his shotgun and stormed in, firing a buckshot toward Dreliks, who had begun to deactivate the teleporter. Dreliks leapt aside, allowing himself to be hit by only half of the blast. The Eliksni’s four eyes scanned the attacking titan’s armor. He took note of the orange accents against the matte black base of platsteel. “This is the lightbearer that killed so many of our crew.” Dreliks activated his cloak as another shot blasted the rock beside him. “I will enjoy killing you!” Zahir raised his fist and sent it into the ground, kicking up an enormous amount of dust with the force. He looked up, and saw the outline of the Vandal through the shroud of powdered rock. He ignored Dreliks, and took aim above a barrel of poison. The Vandal leapt down toward the container, and was knocked away by a barrage of shotgun pellets. “Learn some new tricks.” Zahir loaded his shotgun hastily but steadily, approaching the four armed alien. “You all have gotten too predictable.” “You’ll never reach Tivik!” Dreliks aimed a shrapnel launcher at the teleporter, and began to shoot it with fiery scraps of metal. “Hey!” Zahir dove between the projectiles and the Vex machine, taking several hits across his body. His armor began to dent and crack, and eventually, he began to feel pain. “This is now a win win situation!” Dreliks stumbled forward, readying his weapon for another shot. “You’ll suffer for everything you’ve done.” Another mass of solar energy collided with the titan. “We were a family, they and I! I will survive, because the legacy they have passed on is just! A monster like you would never understand!” Before Dreliks shot again, Zahir, battered and damaged, tossed a pulse grenade into the air from his crouched position, catching the Vandal’s attention. The confused Eliksni assassin was finally eliminated by Zahir, who had bought just enough time to draw his shotgun with the distraction. As Dreliks slumped forward, the pulse grenade descended, charring and flipping his body over. “That “win win situation” was mine.” Zahir loaded one round into his shotgun and turned to the teleporter as Crucius healed his wounds. “No time to waste. Tivik might get away with his murder.” He concluded, as he stepped toward the pulsing white plate. He immediately felt every atom in his body lift and swiftly descend as he jumped to the moon of Jupiter. “Heads up, there are traces of a blight where we’re standing.” Crucius explained, scanning the cave room the duo had found themselves in. “They’re very recent.” “Careful.” Zahir prompted his ghost to disappear. “Did that guardian get rid of the blight? Maybe we had nothing to worry about.” He exited the room, and froze at the sight he was met with. Tivik leaned over a dead warlock, peeling the bond off of his arm. His towering height filled the length of the cave’s ceiling, and blocked most of the light from the cave’s entrance. As Tivik rose to attach the bond to himself, light was let onto the guardian’s helmet. “Is that… Phoros?” Zahir squinted and stepped forward to get a better look, catching the attention of the Guardian Killer. “Another?” Tivik, surprised, raised his wire rifle and began to charge. Zahir ducked back into the room, avoiding its powerful bolt. “Dreliks, what happened?!” After hearing nothing, Tivik growled and clenched his fist. “Lightbearer… you have taken too much from me.” He stomped forward, unclasping a poison canister from his bandolier. “Darvahk,” The device rolled into the room. “Miskor,” Zahir took notice, and began to scramble to the floor to intercept it. “Dreliks,” the canister detonated at the titan’s feet, rapidly covering the floor of the room in the harmful gas. “Noxis.” Tivik peeked through the narrow opening, and was surprised to see the titan rocketing toward him, covered in arc energy. “Do you remember this cave, Tivik?” Zahir’s outstretched fist was caught by the large Eliksni. His light continued to propel him forward, creating a struggle of force against the two. “This is the same cave you did Saiph in-” Tivik released his upper arms and brought them down on Zahir’s head, exhausting him of power and pushing him to the ground. “I know you understand what it’s like to lose a comrade, Tivik.” Zahir groaned, halting the Guardian Killer’s approach. “You know, there’s still a chance…” “A chance at what, pray tell? Spare me your petty chatter.” “A chance at being our ally.” Tivik froze with his hand hovering over the titan. The echoes of battle rattling around the cave fell silent, creating a calm but tense atmosphere. “Foolish lightbearer… why would you ever associate me with humanity?” Tivik struck Zahir with his fist, but not at full force. “You have both confounded and angered me!” He continued to pummel the titan with each of his fists. “Your death will be slow, but assured!” “Listen, Tivik, I know you feel like you need to keep killing us, but there is a way.” “I have no idea what you are mouthing off about.” Zahir saw Tivik’s cold, steely eyes, and he knew right then: there was no sign of a sympathizer of humanity within the Eliksni that stood over him. Only a killer. The Guardian Killer noticed Zahir’s failed attempt at summoning a grenade in his hand. “You are finished. Drained of your strength. Your light is far from reach. You may as well hand your ghost over.” Tivik held Zahir by the neck. “It will make things easier for all of us if it goes first.” Zahir shakily moved a closed, seemingly harmless fist over to the Eliksni. “You know, if there’s one thing I learned from fighting your crew,” he opened his hand to reveal an unpinned, human-made grenade. “It’s to be prepared for anything.” Tivik’s eyes widened as he attempted to fling the explosive away, and when he failed, he screamed as shrapnel dug into his side.

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