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7/5/2019 5:18:17 PM

Let's Make Tarrabah Usable!

Hey everyone! After a rough year of Destiny, my RNG has finally lit up as I pulled Tarrabah from CoS on Wednesday, and Anarchy yesterday (after 30 weeks and 88 clears!!!). Obviously I was excited to get out and try these weapons to see what all the hype was about (or lack thereof). After using it for a day, I can confirm--Tarrabah needs a rework. Firstly, and most importantly, notice that I am saying "rework" rather than "buff"...I believe these two terms entail some fairly different things, and buffing tends to lead to weapons being broken (although reworks can too *cough* Lord of Wolves *cough*). I don't want Tarrabah to be broken, but I do want to see it fulfill the potential it has of being one of the best PvE primaries in the game. To do this, I don't think it needs major stat buffs all around, but just some minor stat tweaking, and a revision of its perks. There is only one change I would like to see made to Tarrabah's base performance, and it was pointed out by Reddit user u/gaywaddledee. They posted a damage comparison between Tarrabah, Huckleberry, and legendary SMG's that fall into the "Aggressive Frame" archetype, which can be found here: What the user noticed is that because the Tarrabah and Huckleberry are exotic, they don't have the benefits of the frame perk, which in this case is "Aggressive Frame - Deals bonus damage at close range". Because of this, both of the exotic SMG's in their base state are worse than the legendaries, as they lose out on the 10% increase in close range damage. My first suggestion, as made by u/gaywaddledee in his post, would be to grant Tarrabah the frame perk (and Huckleberry if you want, but its already good due to it having rampage and ramping up RPM pretty quickly). As stated in the Reddit post, Tarrabah in its base state feels worse than the legendary counterparts, because it statistically is. This ties into the second adjustment I would like to see, and its a popular one... Tarrabah shouldn't lose its charge when stowed. As stated above, Tarrabah is already worse than other SMG's in its archetype if its perk isn't proc'd. This hits for a double whammy in the gun's current state, because to proc Ravenous Beast you have to use Tarrabah exclusively, so you end up stuck using a below-average weapon. Stowing your weapon loses any charge you've built up, which includes the following actions: switching weapons (obviously), picking up an arc charge or any similar item during gameplay, and opening your ghost (which is obviously done frequently for things like scouting public events, summoning your sparrow, or checking progress towards a pursuit). Now, for those with concerns about turning Tarrabah into a "broken" gun, and referring to the Ace of Spades nerf, its important to understand that these are completely different things. Ace of Spades used to hold buffed rounds even after swapping weapons, allowing you to switch back and still have the buffed shots. What I'm saying isn't for Tarrabah to maintain its active perk when swapped, but for it to maintain the charge leading up to the perk. Tarrabah's charge doesn't do anything to improve the weapon until it hits 100% [b]and[/b] the perk is activated by holding the reload button. This wouldn't break the weapon--it would just allow the user to proc Ravenous Beast while being able to utilize the rest of their loadout. As an addition to this, I think that it should be [i]slightly[/i] easier to charge Tarrabah, but only slightly. I've seen a few suggestions for this, and there a couple that I agree with. First, you should be able to charge Tarrabah by using abilities and other weapons, but this will charge it slower than using Tarrabah itself. The recommendation was that dealing damage/killing enemies with abilities, kinetic, or heavy weapons would charge Tarrabah 30-40% slower than dealing damage/killing with Tarrabah would. Again, this makes it viable to use the rest of your loadout, but encourages the use of Tarrabah when possible. Additionally, Tarrabah would still only charge from damage taken by the user while wielding it, but this would happen at an increased rate. Personally, I think it could work as a "final stand" type of charge, where if you continue to take damage while at low health, the charge will be greater. In other words, if you're at full health and get hit for 10 damage, Tarrabah would gain a fairly small charge (maybe 2-3%), but if you're at 30 health and get hit for 10 damage, you might gain 25-40% of a charge. This would fit the berserk-style gameplay that Tarrabah promotes--if you're in a high-level activity like a raid or Heroic Menagerie, and you're down to your last leg of health, you could gain a massive charge almost instantly to "Unleash the Beast" and fight your way out. They could even get really crazy and buff damage as your health gets low, but I don't think that's necessary and could be broken in crucible. I will add that many people don't like the base charge time of Tarrabah right now, but I'm fine with it. They point out that Recluse only requires one kill and then shreds, but I view it in a similar way to Outlaw vs Feeding Frenzy. Outlaw is harder to proc, but gives you a much higher reward. In PvE, Tarrabah melts majors at a higher rate than recluse (its damage with Ravenous Beast is truly astounding), so I'm fine with the charge time. I just think adding charging from other weapons as well as a bonus charge when you take damage would put it over the top, making it worthy of being a raid exotic. Those are my thoughts on Tarrabah right now! I think they're reasonable changes, and would make the gun worth taking the exotic spot without being broken. It really is [b][i]so close[/i][/b] to being [b][i]so good[/i][/b], and this is what needs to happen for it to be usable. If I referenced any of your ideas in my post, leave a comment and the link to the post where you had the idea, and I'll reference you. Thanks, and as always, eye's up!

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