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7/4/2019 7:38:48 AM

Just a few exotic weapon concepts I made [PART 2], complete with stats, flavor text, perks and lore text. Enjoy!

3) TYPE: Exotic Kinetic Auto Rifle STATS: Low impact, medium range, high stability, medium-high handling, medium-high reload speed, Magazine size: 55, Reserve Capacity: 550, RoF: 900 RPM NAME: Eternal Dawn It is the beginning of a new day, the resurgence of a second wind, the once lost will to fight, renewed once more... Exotic Perks: Intrinsic: Conversion Engine: Holding down reload reloads the magazine, converting all current super energy into light-infused bullets, greatly increasing damage output for the duration of the magazine. Other Perks: From All Sources: This weapon is above average at breaking enemies' shields. Breaking a enemy's shield immediately converts shield energy into super energy. Rangefinder High Caliber Rounds Counterbalance Stock Catalyst: 1) get 1000 Kills in Nightfalls with minimum power handicap of 150 or in The Crucible with Conversion Engine active. 2) Catalyst makes converting full Super into a magazine filled with significantly more powerful rounds. Lore: Cayde-6 walks into the room, placing a weapon wrapp ed in brown sheets on the room's central table with a heavy clank. "Bingo bango bongo, here it is," he opens his arms wide in a presenting gesture. "And what exactly is that?" Amanda asks, arms crossed while leaning against the wall. Standing next to her, mimicing both her posture and outward expression, Petra Venj silently agrees as she adds: "Cayde, this had better be good. I left the Prison's security to a Senior Paladin, but she won't be able to stray from her duties for very long, and I also have get back to running the Reef in her stead since her brother seems to have perished in our fight against Oryx." "Yeah, yeah, big brown flappy boy's taking a well-deserved dirt nap; that's old news. Anything else I should know, PV?" He stops for a fraction of a second, giving the illusion of a chance for rebuttal. Petra straightens up, pushes away from the wall and starts to walk forward. "Well, actually-" "Great, so, moving on-" "Cayde-!" "Petra, it's rude to interrupt people when they're speaking." "Now you listen here-" "That goes for you too Amanda" "..." Both ladies are now standing with their arms crossed over their chests, sour expressions and impatient demeanors radiating of them in waves. "So you know how gunslingers glow all bright orangeish and shoot big, flaming bullets out of our goldy's? You know we light up-" Cayde raises his arms in a fashion mimicing the use of a golden gun, "- and we all go Pew Pew, Pew Pew, Pew Pew! You know, like that?" Cayde eyes both women expectantly. He notes the miraculous speed at which their expression change from annoyed to deadpan. He continues. "Well, I was out patrolling on the east side of the tower, and it struck me. Why are hunters the only ones that get to enjoy having superpowered pew cannons? Why can't everyone?" Cayde comes up to the table and lifts the cloth off of the weapon. "So I created this!" Petra takes one look at the auto rifle in question, scoffs, and retorts: "What, your own run-of-the-mill auto rifle? If I wanted one of those, I'd go to the Paladin foundrys back on the reef, or at least go to Banshee. He IS the guardian outfitter." "Awwww, Petra, you're breaking my heart. Literally. I don't know if it was you or not but my main powercell started acting up when you said that." Amanda moved forward, leaning against the table to take a closer look. "Hmmm, you know, if it wasn't for this strange tank and wiring harness you got going on here, I'd say it definitely looks the part of your standard rifle. So how does this equate to whatever it was you just said?" "Well, since my audience is being rather harsh to me, I'll keep it short. That 'tank' you mentioned? It's basically a storage device for a guardian's light." "Why are you storing a guardian's light?" How else am I suppose to make epic bullets that go pew?" "Okay.... keep going." So as a guardian, when your super's ready to go you just get that awesome feeling of it all building up until you're ready to pull the trigger and blow your light all over the place. I wanted to encapsulate that feeling into a weapon. So I did. It's almost as cool as that time I found out there's a weapon that LITERALLY shoots fire. Like a beam of the stuff. It's cool. Trust me." "Wait, is that the time that the cryptarchs-" "We can do storytime later. I'm still explaining my magic boomstick over here" "You owe me-us an explanation." "And you'll get one once I'm done explaining. So it stores our light, right? Well, the thing is, once you put enough light in here, if you reload the weapon, I've made it so that that light goes into the bullets and makes them super effective. Like a water type attack against a fire type. Critical hit every time." "..." "Alright. Now that that's over, any questions?" 4) TYPE: Exotic Heavy Sword STATS: Max swing speed, Medium impact, medium-high range, high efficiency, medium-high defense, Ammo Capacity: 29 NAME: Rage Of The Grey I am not without purpose; I am not without meaning. I right the wrongs, regardless of perspective, because true justice has no bias... Exotic Perks: Intrinsic: Cold Fury: Hold down both Melee and Fire to enter a trance. This trance allows you to rotate the blade around you continuously for _ seconds (max 12 seconds with full ammo, duration directly proportional to current ammo capacity), dealing precision damage to all enemies within its range. Activating Cold fury consumes all current ammo. Sword rotates around guardian 4 times per second. Other Perks: The Less, The Better: light swings are able to damage two targets at once. Tireless Blade Catalyst: 1) Get 200 Multikills with Cold Fury active with at least 3 enemies defeated per multikill. 2) Catalyst increases maximun time cold fury is active to 16 seconds. Lore: You know, back when we were still chasing Uldren and his gang of wannabe Fallen, I meant what I said. The why of what we do is still just as important as the what; I still stand by that to this very moment. Since I'm not, well, human, or a guardian, I don't quite understand your obsession with avenging Cayde's death. The road you're going down, creating this weapon, saying that this will be the key to bringin balance back to humanity, I just don't know if this will end well. Please know that for better or worse, I'm going to stick it out with you. No matter how dark the road ahead of us may be. Just be safe, Guardian. For yourself, if for no one else. 5) TYPE: Exotic Energy Fusion Rifle STATS: Medium impact, low-mid range, high stability, high handling, medium reload, Magazine size: 1, Reserves: 5, Charge time: 580 NAME: Grasp of the Night I hail from that which balances all things. So how will one such as you choose to wield me? Exotic Perks: Intrinsic: Hands of the Depraved: Upon firing, void tendrils reach out of the weapon, tethering up to 6 enemies within a short radius. Tethered enemies are supressed and suffer damage over time. Tether lasts for 10 seconds. Other Perks: Dark Handshake: Using multiple Grasp of the Night's on similar enemies extends 'Hands of the Depraved' for all weapons tethered together (extends duration additional 4 seconds). Catalyst: 1) Kill 300 enemies tethered by your weapon in Gambit, Gambit Prime, or Nightfalls with a minimum power handicap of 150. 2) Catalyst extends overall duration to 15 seconds, Dark Handshake extends duration to 8 seconds. Lore: I am that which sees everything. The Nine's true form. The two sisters that desperately reach for their end goal, despite knowing their slim chances of success. The innermost region of a sphere, its defiance, HIS name, and his true form. The Mother who regrets. The schemes of a royal and their servant. The true limits of a paracausal being. The true balance of it all, and the need to maintain it. Do not fear that which is to come. Fear the act of not acting, for it will spell their doom.

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