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7/4/2019 7:36:52 AM

Just some Exotic weapon concepts I made up in my own time [PART 1]. Complete with stats, flavor text, catalyst information, and lore text. Enjoy!

1) TYPE: Exotic precision heavy Shotgun STATS: Ultra-high to Max damage, Max range, low stability, low handling, medium reload speed Magazine size: 2, Reserves: 5, RoF: 100 RPM NAME: S.C.A.R.R. (Self-Contained Antibiological Radioactive Railgun) Everyone seems to forget that humanity existed for millenia before the Golden Age. Who knows what forgotten tech lays deep in the crypts of our own making? Exotic Perks: Intrinsic: LD100: This weapon fires critical nuclear fuel cells at incredibly high rates of speed, contaminating the local area with deadly radiation upon impact. Other perks/debuffs: Supercriticality: If fired while airborne, the ejected fuel will detonate upon impact, creating a localized fallout zone that damages enemies within its range for a short period of time. Full Scram: If fired while grounded, the weapon ejects the ultra-dense fuel cell at a high rate of speed, causing massive kinetic damage upon impact. Kinetic damage is increased significantly if the shot is a precision hit. Lethal Exposure: health and mobility loss ramps up the longer the weapon is held. Mobility resets and health regeneration starts immediately upon weapon swap. Standard Perks: Rangefinder High-Caliber Rounds Catalyst: 1) 500 Major kills with this weapon where total weapon damage to target is greater than 60%. 2) Catalyst halves rate of health/mobility loss, allowing for longer hold time. Lore: In a circular room, two men are seated on opposing beige couches, a bottle of Whiskey between them, two flags and a mahogany desk adorning the oblong corner to their right. Both men sit quietly, mulling over their thougts as their eyes glossed over the flatly polished tubular metal contraption lying between then. One man finally tears his eyes away from the object to the man across, addressing him: "Look, I know that we've both been making advancements with this new technology, but are you sure that we want to do this?" The other man's eyes glide up to meet his, pausing for a second before replying: "...What's bothering you?" "This technology was first meant to finish a war. Now we're working on making it a power source. We're both close. You and I both know it. You even have a Navy admiral working on his own designs to graft one on a submarine. Rickover, if I remember correctly... Yet you want to work backwards; to downsize it to make it a more lethal weapon?" "A good leader strives for peace but must always prepare for war. YOU told me this when we signed the treaty just a few short years ago. Are you going back on your word?" The first man sits up straight, his attention directed at the man across, fully engaging himself. "No. However, this is not what I was referring to. I meant it to-" The other man cut him off; "Yes, I know. Maintain a strong military presence even in times of peace to prevent unnecessary conflict from arising. This is just another part of that doctrine." They both take a small swig from thier decanters, pondering their next words. "Spoken like a true Commander, I suppose. I just hope that you know what you're doing." "You and me both, Winston. You and me both." The second man breathes in slow, "Then let us hope that this weapon is never needed." "It's only use will be for when humanity's end is nigh..." 2) TYPE: Exotic special Grenade Launcher STATS: Low damage, medium range, high stability, high handling, 0 reload speed, Magazine/Reserve size: 8. RoF: 150 RPM NAME: The Eternal Watchman. Ever searching to bring the last brother home... Exotic Perks: Intrinsic: Micro-Missile: This weapon fires in a straight line and has a massively increased projectile speed Other Perks: Saint's Loyalty: Upon impact, projectiles create a containment ward whose size and strength depend on the enemy impacted. Higher tier enemies generate larger, more effective contaimnents. Enemies trapped in containments are stunned. Wards last 15 seconds. Vanguard's Volley: This weapon's magazine holds all available rounds. Requires no reload. Standard Perks: TBD Catalyst: 1) 100% completion from killing enemies affected by contaiment wards. Killing powerful enemies/guardians grants the most progress. Death impedes progress. Total kill count is 750 red bars, with majors equivalent to 3 red bars and guardians equal to 10. Progress is made in Gambit, Gambit prime, or Crucible. 2) Catalyst doubles effective duration and adds 30% increase in ward strength across the board. Lore: I have failed. For the first time in a very, very long time, I have utterly failed in my mission. I, who fronted the Battle of the Twilight Gap and felled the likes of Solkis, the Kell of House Devils. I, who stood watch and held the line at the Battle of the Six Fronts. I, who have slain so many Vex. So many... Too many to remember. I no longer know how much time I've spent in this forest, and I fear that the longer I'm here, the lower chance I have of getting out. But I mustn't leave until I find him. My Brother is still here, still trying to find answers that the Vanguard banished him from the Tower for. He is here, somewhere, and I need to take him home. No, that's wrong. I WANT to take him back. I want my brother back, and I will stop at nothing until I get to him and get us out of here. However. In the event that I cannot find him, I'm leaving two things behind. One is my shotgun, which I hope gets returned to its rightful owner, if they ever know to come for it. It has served me well over the years. The other is a small signature of my light. I've been in this forest long enough to begin to understand a few things, one of which is the fact that this place is capable of simulating Hive, Cabal, Fallen, and Vex to the point of where I don't know whether my opponents are real or simulations. They make the same movements, have the same basic attack patterns, and even have the same unique and oftentimes putrid stentch they carry with them. If the forest can copy them, then it should be able to copy a piece of me. So I leave you, the eventual reader, with this trinket of information: Find my light. Find my friend. Empower yourself and make your shield your finest weapon. -14.

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