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7/2/2019 3:53:39 PM

Throwers in Comp, improving the report system all together

I have been solo playing comp this season to try and grind for some of those pinnacle weapons, recently I have been finding that i seem to get people who dont bother and throw the match for no reason. While i know this is a hard issue to be addresses i feel like there should be a way of finding out if any action has been taken with the issue as even if you report them you can just be matched with the the very next game and have the same issues. Some solution i can think of are things like a notice when action has been taken kinda how like Microsoft msg you on Xbox when the take action, dont have to include any info like Online names (Gamer tags) but a simple notice that action has been taken would let people know that the system works. Another short term solution can be to have a temp black list so you dont line up with certain people like how overwatch has where you can blacklist a player and you cannot get in the same match with them for say 2 days . If people can share this around so hopefully it can reach some at bungie that would help, hopefully we can get a respond and see how they are addressing this issue not just in the comp playlist but across the game My last match with a teammate who killed themselves each round [url]!Alkf6U4Zox3ZrgjHck8-dNBXt-xZ[/url]

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