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7/1/2019 5:23:16 PM

Menagerie Quest step - The Invitation + Weekly Bounties

I have a bug and have had it the past 3 weeks with no resolution. There are two parts to this bug. 1) I completed the Menagerie and opened the chest at the end. my quest step says "Claim your reward from Menagerie Triumph" however when I go to Werner, there is no reward. I cant claim the reward. I also cant go back on the menagerie. It says "activity not available for you" . I cant upgrade my chalice even though I have 1500 runes. which brings me to part 2 of this bug. 2) The Menagerie weekly bounties. I have completed (4) separate weekly bounties ( so I guess technically its 16 overall bounties, 4 a week) but have not received any rewards or runes for activities. Werner will be "flashing" but when i go there there is nothing. Any updates on this? I think this was an issue with some users I saw last week.

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