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7/1/2019 7:43:59 AM

New Exotic Machine Gun Idea

Okay, so Machine guns are really fun to use right? Thunderlord always was my favourite Exotic from D1, and I'm glad it's returned.. But now, looking to the future, how about another EXOTIC Machine Gun option for the Heavy slot that acts and feels completely different, with a different elemental type?? My idea is a "big brother" gun to Sweet Business - "Serious Business". Same foundry lore-wise and similar aesthetics. Think of a triple barrelled Gatling chain-gun (like the warthog turret from Halo). So, to keep it different enough yet as on par with Thunderlord (DPS/usability wise), I'd like to see; - either normally held or held like a rocket launcher on you shoulder, - a "999 round bottomless clip" exotic perk (or thereabouts) and a 600rpm - 700rpm (after an initial spool up). - solar elemental damage (to differentiate it from TL) - have it have the "Explosive Payload" perk (like certain scout rifles). It would You could easily balance this by testing and adjusting damage numbers, e.g; making the damage drop off over range be pretty brutal, but it keeps the flat small AOE/splash damage from the Explosive Payload (like nameless midnight). You could also differentiate it further from it's "little brother gun" by making the RPM slower than Sweet Business - but with higher damage per round, give it more kick per round until spooled up, and a "meatier" all round feel (suits considering it would only have 3 rotating barrels, as apposed to Sweet Business' 10 barrels)... Also, the bottomless clip balances itself really, 999 rounds at a 600RPM nails that "minute of fun" yet limiting it enough so that you would still have to be tactical in WHEN you use it... Also the gun itself should feel like you're firing a man-portable, anti aircraft Gatling gun rather than a "Bullet hose". Also Obviously if it's to OP for PVP just either Git Gud or complain til Bungie nerfs it into the ground.. Idk, surely a game designer at Bungie got way better ideas than me lol. That's my Idea for a real fun gun, so let us know if you like the idea, maybe a Bungie employee will see this and like it?? Idk..

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