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6/30/2019 7:52:55 AM

Merging Truimphs and Collections with cross-save

No merging AT ALL


Merge Triumphs and Collections




Dear Bungie, Players who have changed from one platform to another (many came from console to PC) before cross-save is becoming available may have substantial triumphs / account history that they cannot do / get back or do not want to do again (ie. their D1 achievement recognition). I propose that with the upcoming cross-save only the triumphs and collections of people's different accounts be merged, but not characters, as that would be more difficult. That way, it doesn't matter as much which account the player decides to activate cross-save on. For anything with numbers involved, the highest number, lets say of kills, would be kept. I hope you guys will see this, and I absolutely love your game but for a few minor peeves. Sincerely, Greg P.S. Here's a poll for Destiny fans. Do you guys want to have your triumphs and collections merged?

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