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Help Give a Player a Class







I've been trying to help give someone a class best suited for them, because they want to be as helpful & effective as possible. So maybe other players can help with insight. They've played each class at much length. They tend to be very focused on playing their role, no matter what class they are. As Titan, they're very focused on maintaining front line above all else. As Hunter, they focus down big targets. As Warlock, they focus down groups of enemies, etc. Mentality wise, they tend to be loners, in general. Focused on efficiency & helping the mission go as smoothly as possible. But in a team scenario, they take control of the team, calling shots, being the strategist. So I thought maybe a Ranged class would give them a wider field of view to help with developing strategies for the team. But he instinctively can get protective, almost always going for revives, if he thinks he can get it. Tends to get revives when most don't think he can. So which class would you imagine this character to be? I can expand with more info, if necessary.

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