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Изменено (Braxia): 6/28/2019 4:26:24 AM

Include Torture Dance emote for Upcoming Shadowkeep DLC

With the approach of Shadowkeep, new cosmetics and emotes are going to be a thing. In D1 I loved the Monty Python, Shia Lebeouf, and Gangnam Style emotes. and they were all "memes" in some way shape or form. While I would love to get those emotes back personally, they are not too culturally relevant any more. That being said, I feel the Torture Dance from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's recent Part 5 anime would be a perfect and much desired addition to the catalog of dance emotes. I know I personally would get it from Eververse in a heartbeat and I would never remove it from my emote wheel. Given Jojo's current relevance in pop culture, and the meme centered around this dance, I can't believe I would be the only person who would feel this way if it was added to the Game in September.

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