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6/27/2019 9:48:06 AM

Exotic Armor Idea: Dark Souls Armor of Thorns

I've been playing D1 some tonight and reminiscing with my buddy about old exotics, and what future ones we could see. He's a big Dark Souls fan, and proposed a cool idea: Apparently there's an armor set in Dark Souls called the Armor of Thorns, where rolling into enemies causes damage. Could we see something like this become a piece of Exotic armor for Hunters? It would be freaking hilarious and feel great to be able to dodge into enemies and have them receive damage from it. It could possibly even be 'Thorn' themed and do DoT. Would love to see our class abilities become more offensive, I love Khepri's Horn for Titans and the Vesper of Radius for Warlocks, could we see this treatment for our dodging boys?

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