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Изменено (Venryn): 6/27/2019 8:11:36 AM

Unresponsiveness on PS4 pro since Season of Opulence

Ever since SoO launched, the game has been unresponsive to my character's presence (?) on my PS4 pro (with an SSD). I've encountered this mostly in the Menagerie, as well as the Zero Hour mission. However, I've also had this issue in heroic story missions and Shattered Throne (Solo and with a Fireteam). Some of these scenarios are : - [url=]Vaultdoor in ZH not opening for me[/url] - [url=]ZH boss and adds in the final room ignoring me, no matter how close I am to them[/url] - [url=]Menagerie : Crystals not getting destroyed even though I empty a whole Cranium into them[/url] - [url=]Menagerie : Touch of the Sky not getting applied during the Mockery [/url] - Menagerie : Arkborne Soulcharges not getting picked up, even though I stand in them for multiple seconds. (didn't record that one) While I am glitched out like that, I barely get any Ammo to drop, Weaponperks such as Outlaw, Rampage, Kill Clip and Dragonfly don't work. Same with Armormods like any of the Armaments, Repurposing and Absorption mods. One of my Fireteammembers in a Shattered Throne run said that he didn't see me, even when standing close to him, until I died and my other Fireteammember revived me. I've redownloaded and reinstalled D2 twice now, unplugged my PS4 and my router for a night to empty their cache, reset my router to factory settings and still encounter those problems. I am the only Destinyplayer on that Router / Connection, my NAT type on my PS4 is (and has always been) Type 2. Note that during none of those events I received any 'Contacting Destiny 2 servers' message and was still able to damage/kill enemies. The problem also fixes itself if I die and respawn and it mostly seems to occur when I run into a new area. Has anyone encountered similar issues and, more importantly, found a solution for it ?

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