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Destiny 2

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6/27/2019 5:39:26 AM

Why has this never been addressed??

Ok, hear me out: So Swords are obviously melee right? They aren't necessarily guns and it makes sense why they are in the Heavy Weapons slot... Why [i]the phawk[/i] do swords need ammo in order to be used???? I'm basing this off of Warframe's melee's and this game's melee's. I [b]get[/b] that they still use ammo so that players don't always go for and use melee's yeah? But it always seemed weird and ludicrous to me that your Sword, a melee weapon that has no functions of a gun.... Well, then again some Exotics such as the Crow one fire blasts, but besides that! Do we really need our swords waisting up our heavy ammo? Like if we got heavy ammo synth back and melees have changed where they don't use ammo, it can easily be an alternative to constantly having to look every nook and cranny for heavy ammo. Once again, this is very [b]unlikely[/b] to happen but I guess it's something to consider
#destiny2 #swords

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