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**Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack has been released in June 2019** shortly after the launch of the game. It includes many cheats for the Wizards Unite game such as the **famous free gold generator**. You can find out more about these features below. **If you are ready to begin, click below to continue to the official Wizards Unite Cheat.** HERE ## **Cheats currently available in the online HP Wizards Unite Hack** - **Free Gold Generator** - Fake GPS - Privacy protection - More features coming soon --- **Harry Potter: Wizards Unite** is another mobile game from Niantic studio, which became famous for its popular Pokemon GO application in 2016, as well as the WB Games San Francisco team helping it. Just like in the project created under the Pokemon series license, the new production uses augmented reality technology. The publishing site was run by Portkey Games, a division of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, which focuses only on games within the Harry Potter universe. Shortly after the game was released thousands of people were **looking for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Cheats** which were not available in the beginning but have already been released since then. These cheats allow you to get free gold in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game without any risks. ## **How To Hack Harry Potter Wizards Unite To Get Free Gold In 3 Simple Steps** 1. Launch the online cheat by clicking on the link above. 2. Insert your Wizards Unite username in the appropriate box. 3. Click on the Start button to begin the process of adding free gold to your account. --- ### **The Games Story** Unlike Pokemon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite offers a slightly more elaborate storyline background. The story revolves around a mysterious cataclysm that causes magical objects and creatures to appear in the world of muggles. **In response, the wizard community formed the Statue of Secrecy Task Force to find these anomalies and remove them from the non-magical world**. The player begins his adventure as a novice member of this formation, and as the game progresses, he begins to recognize the true source of the disaster. Gold is in an important currency within the games world, available for purchase in the in-game store as well as in online tools to hack Harry Potter Wizards Unite. ### **Gameplay Mechanics of Harry Potter Wizards Unite** **Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hack** draws on the features from **Niantic's** previous productions. The fun is to move around in the real world with a mobile device and find a variety of attractions. These are shown against the background of an image captured on the fly by the camera of a smartphone or tablet. **But instead of Ingress portals or creatures from Pokemon GO, you'll find a whole bunch of peculiarities called foundables as you play.**

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