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Изменено (Pancake Monk): 6/25/2019 5:15:41 AM

Story Signups! What a unique idea!

This time around, I'm writing a legitimately serious story. With you guys in it, because making real characters is too time consuming! What I've thought of so far is inspired by a post I ran into a while ago talking about genres. Imagine.... [b]Medieval Steampunk[/b]. I know, right? Amazing. Gonna go for the whole "an ancient kingdom fell and we're left with the remnants of their technology" kind of thing. Primitive society acquires beefy hardware. Not really sure, tbh. There's gonna be like [I]eight[/I]-ish spots? Gonna call it "The Clockwork Anvil." Idk why, sounds dope tho. Follow that tag. Post below a description of your character: Looks, skills, personality, backstory! The more to work with the better. 1. Countess Pyre 2. Quissy 3. Lord_Dublin 4. Warlock Holmes 5. Rex Camellord 6.cmirg 7. Sylver19 8.Disciple4Christ

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