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6/25/2019 4:24:34 AM

Gambit -- No Ads Spawning in Round 2

Hey there! We're fresh out of a bugged Gambit match. Our first round went normally but during our second round, no ads spawned in the places indicated by the red marker/announced by the Drifter. As soon as a player entered the indicated area, the "spawn" for ads would change and the cycle continued. It kept changing for the remainder of the match while the other team played and collected motes as normal. They were able to summon blockers and their Primeval. We were even able to invade and kill other Guardians but could not otherwise play normally. My game capture has no audio and I'm not sure why. However, you can see the rapidly-changing ad spawns and the enemy team banking as normal. Thanks in advance!
#Help #gameplay

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