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6/24/2019 5:52:22 PM

The trouble with team focus (Explanatory, not trashing)

Long post, nuanced explanation, stick with me here. So, if you look around the forums, internet articles, reddit, discord... you name it. Everyone jokes about the forced six man events. The Raids, the PVP (Though seriously, I don't really think pvp is forced 6 man, it mostly helps, that's just one woman's opinion.) and so on are often a punchline to friends who I try to get to play the game with me. The most cited thing is "oh man, with those guys? (Referring to the perception of the average player of this kind of title) hardpass". I think that might be the core of the disconnect with Bungie looking at this as a developer, versus the perception of the greater playerbase, not just the ones currently playing, but many who will be looking at the game, come september. The issue I feel isn't that team content exists. I actually recall personally loving team oriented games where I'd spend long hours with friends accomplishing some seriously daunting tasks. (Many a late sleepover night in my teens based around Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles comes to mind) the problem comes when your only recourse is to wait for your friends to be available, which in adulthood, is exceedingly challenging (As a matter of fact, my friends and I are still trying to find time to re-play FF:CC, have been bringing it up for years.) or the concept of going into a LFG area right now seems so unsavory, the only thing I could liken it to would be going into some seedy back alley, all looking for a raid clear. There is definitely a growing and unfortunately negative archetype of a "Hardcore" gamer today and for the majority of human beings on this planet earth, most people, especially women, want nothing to do with it. They don't want to see sophomoric comments spammed at them at the end of a match because someone took C when they should have pushed B, they don't want to have to wonder if the person they are now locked into content with for likely hours is a decent person, or a creeper who's going to become a discord stalker on them. You could go on for hours in examples like this. This is a kind of baggage that very few can put up with, and even when you hold your breath and leap into the game's public sphere, even getting out relatively clean, still feels dirty. The lack of options is killer for this game. Menagerie you can see, is being lauded by many, it eliminates lots of the negative interactions, a lot of the nasty kinds of people ragequit themselves early on and are replaced by more competent individuals, OORRR you have a completely clean run and get your super cool, selected for, items, even quicker! Win win! But when you see things like 6 person only, no matchmaking, or you have content that does not scale by the number of people attempting it. It creates this situation of "Doing it wrong" by not diving headfirst into a community that you'd frankly just avoid in real life. If LFG and joining up with randoms who are just collected across the internet works for you, great. Congratulations. However, even by the numbers you see that more often than not, people stray from some of the supposedly most engaging content, mostly because its style of team focus, creates an unwanted scenario. I know some bungie staff members do take an opportunity to read posts, I do invite you to consider this perspective, as you go into future development. Thank you for reading.

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