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впервые опубликовано в: Hunters is to OP in Crucible
Изменено (RinChise): 6/24/2019 5:43:49 PM
Nope. I chose hunter because the cloak looked cool. Played mainly Warlock in d1. You are in fact bad because you talk shit. All I see is Titans and Warlocks in PvP. Had an iron banner game where 5 out of 6 were Titans. I would gladly have your healing well instead of my dodge. Did I mention already that you're bad? You have to chose your fights right. You're literally dumb if you fight 1vs1 against a guy, he runs away and you follow him behind that corner. That has nothing to do with hunter. You could utilize your Icarus dash or atleast inform yourself before talking shit. Blade barage can't kill you behind cover anymore after the nerf. It has to hit you. If you get hit and run behind cover, you're dead. You talk like Nova warp Warlock doesn't work like that. You could and still can kill people behind walls. Kill someone in point A and get to point C with your super still active. Roaming supers are also superior. You can kill more than 2 people easily even if they split etc. If your team dies against a bb than it's your fault. You got an indicator that someone has BB rdy and should therefore split. Even better if you don't rush into open spaces. Tl;dr? You're bad and should l2p before talking shit.

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