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впервые опубликовано в: Hunters is to OP in Crucible
Изменено (NuclearPath): 6/24/2019 6:14:09 PM
I mean I currently play all 3 and from what I've seen the ones that need the most adjustment are: 1. Bottom Tree Striker (You can go for ages with this and its very hard to counter even with super) 2. Spectral Blades (Still hard to counter compared to most others, and yes I mean with a super) 3. Top Tree Sunbreaker (Can basically out counter almost every single roaming/ranged super) 4. Aggressor Sentinel Titan (Yes hit registration is garbo, but the throwing shields track more than dawnblade) If anything Titan needs a massive readjustment to all it's supers. Just make them more useful for PvE and less so for pvp, that way people stop complaining about Titans being basically nonexistent in PvE and things like the nearly endless Shoulder Charge spam super that is Bottom Tree Striker gets itself in line with other roamers. That, or honestly reduce super armor universally.

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