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6/24/2019 5:09:29 AM

Efrideet's Gift Triumph - still not tracking package turn-ins correctly

I was at 42/50 turn-ins during a prior season, and my Triumph currently shows that as my turn-in status. The problem is I spent this IB session grinding out the (lengthy) IB armor quest chain on my Warlock, followed by grinding bounties on Titan and Hunter to complete Silimar's Design. In the end I had about 1,200 iron banner tokens - enough for about 60 packages. I've thrown away dozens of Iron Banner weapons. I clicked and clicked, and turned in every token I possessed - all of them donated on Hunter - but the count on Efrideet's Gift didn't update. I read up on the old threads and the 2018 newspost about that Triumph, so I went to orbit. No change. I changed characters. No change. I came back on, landed on a planet, then went back to orbit again. No change. Can somebody help me out here? I'd like to be able to finish this without another four-day grinding session. Many thanks in advance.
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