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Destiny 2

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SSD = WOAH! Destiny 2 speeds across the board!

So based on this thread: I bought a $60 samsung 860 evo internal Sata III SSD and popped it into a $10 SSD Sata III usb 3 enclosure. Plugged that into the side port of the xbox one (because teh internetz said that one's faster then the back ones even though all 3 are usb 3.0 so whatever). [u]Copied[/u] Destiny 2 into the SSD drive and set it as the [u]default[/u] storage. Fired up Destiny 2 from the SSD drive's icon... - Loading time still sloooooooooooooooooow af :( - Going to the tower still sloooooooooooooooooow af :( - Going to my menus still slooooooooooooooooooow af :( - Testing out a shader still slooooooooooooooooooooow af :( Exited the game. [u]Deleted[/u] Destiny 2 from the internal drive. Fired up Destiny 2 from the SSD drive's icon again. Got a screen during the loading screen saying it was downloading an update. This is a good sign. - Loading time is OH SHIT!!! IT ALREADY LOADED WTF??! - Going to the tower is OH SHIT!!! I'M ALREADY THERE? I JUST CLICKED IT!! - Testing out my menus is OH SHIT IT INSTANTLY CAME UP WITH EVERYTHING ALREADY SHOWING?!!! - OK time for the ultimate test... I've never been able to get a shader to preview while traveling in space. Let me travel to the Tangled Shore, ok, let me test a shader lol this is so not going to... OH SHIT IT'S TOTALLY PREVIEWED WTF??!!! AND I'M ALREADY ON THE TANGLED SHORE WTF??!!! [i]Note: all credit goes to the people on that thread. I just did a different one because that one's title was about loading times. Hoping this helps people who may not have clicked that one.[/i] ----------------------------------------------- TL;DR Spend $70 to get an SSD/enclosure combo and OH SHIT THIS GAME IS FAST!!!!

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