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HELLO FELLOW GUARDIANS! We hope that this is the last stop in your search for comradery and silliness. We're happy to have you, we want you to feel welcome! Our Community: We are a bunch of goofballs who love this game. Our founder and admins are huge lore nerds, and I mean HUGE. We’re small for now but we’re hoping to change that! We want to be a place that's safe and fun for people. We want to slay monsters, and kill lots of aliens. We want comradery! If you want all’s what you gotta do! We are a group of very close knit friends that have turned into a strong family. We care for each and every person personally, because once you join, you are the family. We have done all of the raids, including Crown of Sorrows. We adore teaching people, as long as you listen and fix the mistakes that causes wiping. We understand wiping is a thing, but not fixing issues that cause the wipes and blame other people for it is a mega no no. We plan to always do raids, because people will always need them. :) We love them, and we will make it so you love them just as much! We are a joking bunch. We take things serious when needed, other than that, it’s all shenanigans, and wonderful memories. PvP isn’t our biggest strong suit, but do we ever try to have the most fun work it, especially with iron banner (I SEE YOU RIGHT NOW, LORD OF WOLVES!) Happiness and fun is the things we strive for, if you aren’t either one of those, let us know so we can fix it. :p If you are wanting some place to call home, and a place to call a family, then you’ve stopped at the right place! We are very inclusive, you will NEED to be very active in discord to get the understanding of what’s going on. We even have clan nights that once we get more people to be encored. Those clan nights/days are Tuesday and Friday at this current moment, but don’t fret, we can change them if needed. We understand people have lives, and sometimes it’s hard for people to be on 24/7, whether you can only be on for an hour, or every day, you’re welcome. All I ask, is to not join and then never get back on. I would like you to be active, but not active enough to forget about real life things. :) Be around for raids if you got the time, or help out other clan mates, give us 1 hour, or 8. Whichever fits your life. Rules and requirements: 1.) We have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for any sort of hate speech or harassment. If you're not sure what falls under the umbrella of hate speech, it's speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. You have two strikes, the first being Muting, the Second will result in Banning and blocking. Also any sort of harassment, whether it be rape jokes, lewd or sexual comments, spamming, etc will also result in muting for the first offense and banning for the second. We want people to feel safe and comfortable here, so yeah--don't do this. 2.) We like laughing, jokes, and silliness. This is okay as long as it doesn't fall under hate speech. 3.) Be respectful! That’s all we ask. :) 4.) Discord is a requirement. We will need you to be active and socialize. After you’re approved, you’ll get access to our discord! It’s our communication hub and it’s where we set up our raids and such. If you’re interested, get in touch with us! Check out the clan page on Bungie: We’re so excited to have you!

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