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[PS4][Open] Claws of Riven recruiting social/active players!

HELLO FELLOW GUARDIANS! We hope that this is the last stop in your search for comradery and silliness. We're happy to have you, we want you to feel welcome! Our Community: We are a bunch of goofballs who love this game. Our founder and admins are huge lore nerds, and I mean HUGE. We’re small for now but we’re hoping to change that! We want to be a place that's safe and fun for people. We want to slay monsters, and kill lots of aliens. We want comradery! If you want all’s what you gotta do! Rules and requirements: 1.) Don't be a dick, asshole, or general piece of human garbage. 2.) We have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for any sort of hate speech or harassment. If you're not sure what falls under the umbrella of hate speech, it's speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. You have two strikes, the first being Muting, the Second will result in Banning and blocking. Also any sort of harassment, whether it be rape jokes, lewd or sexual comments, spamming, etc will also result in muting for the first offense and banning for the second. We want people to feel safe and comfortable here, so yeah--don't do this. 3.) We like laughing, jokes, and silliness. This is okay as long as it doesn't fall under hate speech. 4.) Dude, just don't be #1 and you'll be fine. If someone says knock it it. Be respectful. 5.) Discord is a requirement. We will need you to be active and socialize. After you’re approved, you’ll get access to our discord! It’s our communication hub and it’s where we set up our raids and such. 6.) BE ACTIVE! If you are not on for 10 days or more without letting one of the admins know, we will start to go through and purge inactives to make sure the roster stays active. 6.) DAMNIT HAVE FUN. If you’re interested, get in touch with us! Check out the clan page on Bungie: We’re so excited to have you!

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