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Изменено (DragonSD): 6/21/2019 10:15:48 PM

Bungie, there is a glitch with the Corsair badges HELP US ALREADY!

I want to preface this with a few things. 1. YES, I know what the Corsair badges look like and where they are and I am absolutely positive I don’t have one, I’ve been asked that at least 15 times. 2. I have spent hours in the dreaming city killing scorn, in every area of the city, with no drops. And even then, it has been MONTHS since I last got one. 3. I am not alone and I think the issue has been pinned down: If you got the “Corsairbane” bounty after completing one and let it expire, badges won’t drop anymore, this makes sense in my case because I did have one and I did let it expire and that was around the time I stopped getting badges. TLDR, there is a real glitch here that is screwing people over. It is not just bad luck, and I do not have another character that is anywhere near powerful enough to do the quest. Bungie has thus far ignored all reports of this from what I can tell. Help. Us!

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