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Destiny 2

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6/22/2019 8:28:39 PM


Let me start by saying my favorite weapons in the game are my Last Word and my Beloved. I have no business writing this. I got a few rolls of the Epicurean fusion rifle to drop from menagerie. I never liked fusion rifles. And I wanted to try this one out. I like it. I like it a lot. But, only when it works. I've played enough with it to know it will not cross-map people and I don't want that. I don't need that. I want a voop cannon I can ape with. But sometimes even when I jam the thing into a guardian's gut and pull the trigger it doesn't kill. Or, when I'm in it's optimal range (which is shorter than errentil, a top pick among fusion rifle mains) and seem to hit more than 4 bolts, it doesn't kill. Even in iron banner against guardians I have a higher power level than, It may leave the tiniest sliver of health on the guardian. I don't want a range buff on fusions. I want a consistency buff to every weapon in the game. Fusion bolt rng, pellet rng, bloom/ghost bullets, all of this is adds way too much randomness to a game we are told to test and grow our skills ( the Iron Banner Iron Burden, the current Iron Banner quest, Competitive rank, competitive pinnacle weapons, any pinnacle weapon) we are asked as players to train and to get better to meet these challenges but the game is rigged from the start. And that's disheartening. Which is why so many people that do play this game don't ever step outside of "the meta" what they *know* for a *fact* that their chosen weapon will *always* work. This game punishes you for trying to do things differently, even when it asks you to do just that. There is a difference between genuine difficulty, and artificial difficulty. Sniping is a genuinely difficult skill I still have not mastered. Shotgunning/fusion rifling is artificially difficult because of pellet rng. Same for handcannons and bloom. Here's 1 solution. Instead of rng, make weapon stats more substantial and consistent across the board. Let's take any high impact fusion vs epicurean for example. One of my epicurean, the one I have currently equipped at the time of this writing, has a 700 charge time because of accelerated coils. It deals less damage. I'm totally ok with that. It has quick draw and rangefinder. This weapon is no errentil, it will not kill from ridiculous ranges. When it works, it should be able to kill at short to short mid range, and very quickly, just outside of basic shotgun territory, competing with sidearm and maybe the shortest range smgs ( that's me being modest about it's range) And it should be fast enough to do it because of the low charge time. On the other hand, most high impacts charge time is around 800 ish? But the right roll can kill you at pulse rifle ranges. That's perfectly fine. A 2nd solution. why not tone down the range on all fusions but make them all completely consistent? You could do this with shot guns and handcannons as well. Nerf range but buff consistency. TLDR: Stop making RNG the gatekeeper to success. Make weapons more consistent, give them defined strengths, weaknesses, and Most importantly *Consistency*. Please. Thank you for making our game.

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