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Изменено (DXDalton): 6/20/2019 11:19:34 PM

The Problem With Hunter Exotics

Howdy Guardians! (Going to be somewhat aggressive in this post) We all know that each class seem to have a useless exotic here and there. But for Hunters it has gotten out of hand... It all started with the infamous Trick sleeves. They practically don’t have a use in any sort of scenario. An absolute dismantle or diffuse. There were also the Young Ahamkara’s spine, but then they got a sub-par buff later in the future, but still over all disappointing for how cool they look. And we can’t forget how forgetful the Lucky pants are. They also have no place for any situation, saddening indeed. Then it got worse... (Total useless exotics so far=3) Hunters then got the disappointing curse of Osiris exotics: Graviton forfeit, Gemini Jesters, and of course the Aeon Swift. (Waste of an exotic slot). They have all had potential that just (Total useless exotics so far=6) In The Warmind they had the sealed ahamkara grasp. These were just a handicapped grave robber that had very litttle use in any way shape or form. The only thing redeeming Warmind was the Wormhusk Crown. And they decided to nerf it to the ground! (Tangent paragraph) Ok. I really don’t understand how they could nerf the best hunter exotic for PVP that regains health through a dodge that has a cool down that helps you get ready for the next gun fight, BUT KEEP ONE EYED MASK UN-NERFED. One Eyed Mask is basically Foetracers and a better Wormhusk crown that doesn’t have a cool down, and INSTANTLY gives you not just your health, BUT A FULL OVER SHEILD. I don’t want them to nerf One Eyed Mask like they did to Worm husk, but just balance the hunter exotics a bit more. Wtf Bungie. (Tangent done) Anyways. The Warmind exotics had been an absolute mess that could’ve had so much more potential, this lead to Hunters having to only use vanilla exotics or Wormhusk. This is mostly why Bungie nerfed it, because it was the best one out at the time. (Total useless exotics=7) In Forsaken, things have gotten a BIT better, but they had the Oathkeepers for specifically bows. The Oathkeepers were originally supposed to reduce charge time, and maintain the pinnacle now charge required. There was a bug that didn’t allow it to reduce charge time at all for bows in any way. For some reason they decided to keep it that way and have a below average exotic go from C-tier to F-tier. (Total useless exotics=8) Next the season of the drifter First of all, I love the Liars Handshake, it is perfect for Gambit prime with the Last Man Standing Shotgun and top tree Arcstrider. This gave me hope that they were actually paying attention now... BOY WAS I WRONG Boom Kepris Sting. These are just un-useful unless you circle your ENTIRE hunter around this exotic, then it becomes sub-par. Hunters got this while Titans got the peregrine grieves and the Warlocks got the Astrocyte Verse. (Total useless exotics=9) I’m just disappointed that we haven’t gotten any changes to these exotics and want to have more options as a Hunter. I would also like to know what your opinions are on the matter and I would be enlightened on other perspectives on other classes. BTW I am going to Guardian-Con and I am DEFINITELY going to talk to a developer about this. (Side notes) - I know I have said “Disappointing” a lot, that’s the word for this whole post lol - I know that this isn’t just for hunters, for example the Mask of the quiet one is just not as good as one eyed mask and it does the same thing but better - I also don’t mean to sound to preachy, this has just been on my mind a lot lately and had to get this out here. Thanks for your time reading this and I hope we can get this checked out!!!

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