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Destiny 2

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6/20/2019 8:21:31 PM


If you START a match with 4 VS 4, LEAVE IT at 4 vs 4. This 3rd rate, bargain basement, chinese knockoff level, semi-functional matchmaking system just RUINED our Iron Banner match with yet another BLATANT FLAW. Perfectly good 4 vs 4 match, going along pretty evenly, all is well... GIVES ENEMY TEAM A 5TH PLAYER. Now totally unbalanced they start to build a lead. About 2 minutes later, gives OUR team a 5th player, fine, got our work cut out but whatever, THEN IT GIVES THE ENEMY TEAM (ALREADY IN THE LEAD) A 6TH PLAYER. Do we ever get a 6th player? OF COURSE WE DON'T. No way in hell I'm putting so much as a penny more into this game until matchmaking gets addressed. Absolute joke of a system.

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