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Изменено (RainingSlayer): 6/20/2019 2:48:21 PM

Abilities portion of iron banner quest is a little absurd

The abilities, melee, and grenade kills portion has really taken the fun out of this game mode. Locking the new gear behind an extremely tedious quest isn’t the way to go about this. 150 grenade kills is a little much. 50 maybe would’ve been more reasonable. Edit: last portion of the quest can be completed by doing heroic public events only if you have a win streak. Edit 2: people seem to think I’m complaining, not the case here. Thing is, I was fortunate enough to have a fire team of people all collectively on the same portion of the quest with equal goals in mind. Same goes for the specific weapon types and getting kills with those. For some who aren’t as fortunate and play solo mostly, this quest could easily take one, maybe two iron banners to complete one character depending on skill level and time invested. Since the new gear is locked behind progression, many people could feel discouraged since there’s really only two new drops outside of the gear.

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