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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
6/19/2019 11:10:42 PM

Need fireteam for age of triumpth

My fellow Guardians, I have faught hard to achieve the level of light of 376, but now, the path in which I wish to walk is too dark for my light alone. I see the light of others to creat a mighty team, to take on the "Age Of Triumpth" so that the armor with those cool special effects can become mine and yours too. If you are able to lend me your light, then together as one team, one soul, we shall prevail and be rewarded with the armor. I have been trying to form a team of nessasary light to be able to survive it for all too long. And all too long have i failed to aquire a fireteam. If you are free and can spare the time to aid in this battle of mine. I grant you my thank you and will be in your debt. "Thankyou for reading my post and may the light protect and guide you on your travels guardian"

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