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впервые опубликовано в: Iron banner quest is ridiculous
Изменено (NerfPaladin06): 6/19/2019 9:54:50 PM
Want to know what's more ridiculous? - Whining that you can't do a quest that was meant to be done over the course of the season instead of just a couple hours/days - That the reward for that much work isn't worth it - That you have to use weapons/abilities you don't like In the case of other non related pinnacle and exotic quests: - That you have to do activities that you don't like - That you need to do activities with friends/clan members - That some quests subtract points on death - That you need a high rank in crucible - ect Life isn't fair and neither are every single video game. Especially MMO's or games like Destiny share MMO'esque qualities. You want the most powerful and/or coolest looking stuff? Then you need to step outside your comfort zone. It doesn't matter similar games you play let you do what you want for the rewards you want. That kinda thing is NOT a gold industry standard.

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