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6/19/2019 1:05:35 PM

[PS4] △▽Looking for an inclusive clan unconcerned with rank or skill? Join SERAPHIM! △▽

Greetings Guardian! Are you looking for a fresh & newly formed clan? One of inclusivity, positivity, respect & an all round laid back community? One unconcerned with rank, skill or experience? Then consider △▽S E R A P H I M ▽△!! _____________________________________________________ ▽Welcome Guardian, to S E R A P H I M!▽ △▽S E R A P H I M▽△, An LGBTQ+ inclusive environment where Respect, support, maturity and positivity are upheld to create a fun, friendly community! △▽S E R A P H I M▽△, A clan unconcerned with rank, skill or experience - But instead concerned with maintaining a toxic free equal playing field for all Guardians! △▽S E R A P H I M▽△, A clan where Guardians can come to enjoy a vibrant social space, build fireteams, form friendships and be their very best - supported by their fellow Light bearer! △▽R E Q U I R E M E N T S△▽ -English speaking (UK/US) -PS4 only. -18+ -Mic Required. -Non Toxic / Non Tryharding. -Access to both Destiny App / Discord. ▽△H O W T O J O I N△▽ -Contact Founder (NOMADZEPHYR) via Destiny app for joining requests / Discord invites! ▽△HAVE A CLAN BUT STILL INTERESTED?△▽ △▽S E R A P H I M ▽△’s server is open to all! Instead of becoming a clan member, you can become an ‘orbiting guardian’, a player who can access the discord and use its resources & social spaces; all while still being in another clan! If interested, the same requirements as clan entry apply, but simply message founder / NOMADZEPHYR stating you want to join the discord server only!

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