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[PC|NA] Bad Luck Guardians | Recruiting All Guardians 18+ | All PvEvP Content | Casual + Endgame | Discord

[b]About Bad Luck Guardians[/b] Bad Luck Guardians is a NA PC 18+ Destiny 2 clan. This clan was created by long time friends met through gaming with a goal of providing a mature and entertaining atmosphere to our members. We've grown to over 35+ active members in our community and host multiple raids a week and hope to do it even more often with our new recruitment drive. On top of raids we also participate in other end-game content and help our fellow guardians boost up their power, better understand the game mechanics, and collect all of those fancy exotics to hoard in your vault. We're here for our guardians, providing a roof for everyone to gather under and enjoy the game with. Come be apart of our family! We are a US based clan and a lot of our members work a 9-5. We're most active in US prime time and on weekends. We hope to expand our activity gap with more members over time. ____________________________________________________ [b]How to Join Us:[/b] [u]You must join our Discord server first to get verified before we accept you into the clan. [/u] Step 1: Join our Discord server here: Step 2: Apply to join our clan on the official bungie clan site here: Step 3: Contact a staff member in the #welcome channel so we can set you all up and get to know you!

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