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6/17/2019 7:30:34 PM

So I'm terrified to play pvp now.....

I've never had the best internet connection, but it's always been above 2mbs, except a couple of very bad times where it fluctuates up and down for no reason (CenturyLink sucks) but a few months back I got a warning message in-game about my connection. I was never a huge pvp guy, but I do enjoy it every once in a while, when my connection is stable enough. however, once I started grinding for luna's/recluse (apparently you couldn't play pvp without them) I started getting more and more warnings, eventually ending up getting me a 2-week restriction. that one I understood, because that past week I had just ignored my lousy connection (like an idiot), so I totally deserved it. after that one went away, I started being much more careful in pvp, only playing with a good connection, and not playing it all the time, just randomly, when I had time around school. one day, I got an lfg fireteam to grind all the way to fabled in comp, we played seven games, winning every one of them, some because of the enemy players disconnecting. (I suspected teammates maybe Ddosing, but none of them were afk for longer than 2 or 3 seconds, and none of them were restricted like me) I had a red bar starting one round out of seven games, and that was it. one guy on my team had lousy connection, but I was fine. the next day, I logged on to try out my new luna's and recluse to find that I couldn't play pvp for 2 months! I don't know why this one came about, or how, but I've come to terms with it after a month and a half. I'm now just worried that next time I try to play pvp I will be permanently banned, for no reason just like last time. does anyone know what is going on here, or how I can be more careful in the future?

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