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Изменено (LabradorTheBest): 6/18/2019 11:11:05 AM

Competitive playlist player selection

There was so much updates since the release of forsaken but none of these fixed the player selection of the competitive playlist. What I am talking about is that when I start a competitive match, the player selector decides to put a fireteam of 2 pros in the opposing team, and give them another 2 random pros. Oh yeah, and then my team is left with three noobs that get 3 kills in a clash match, and quit at the very beginning. That’s impossible, but I get a bad opposing team like 1/10 matches, but my team is still all noobs. We barely win. Like in 1/15 matches my team are pros... Edit: forgot to mention, but almost always the opposing team has an op rocket launcher, or hammerhead, and a Luna’s howl or nf and a dust rock blues or other shit.

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