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Изменено (Nevada): 6/18/2019 9:45:42 AM

Banned, but I have a pretty clear idea of why.

Well, after playing Destiny 1 on PS4 at launch and all the expansions, then Destiny 2 on PS4 since launch and switching to the PC version when it launched, and owning every expansion on both systems, pumping god knows how many hours into each, I've finally ended up banned. I have a pretty clear Idea of why though, just bummed out that I figured it out too late, i was playing a lot yesterday doing the dailies and grabbing powerful engrams where i could, managed to level up enough where i could do some decent damage in the zero hour mission, so i had been running that a few times, still woefully bad at it since i was doing it solo. Earlier in the day my system randomly rebooted just as i was about to start a strike, thought it was thermals but cpuz seemed to look fine so ignored it and continued playing, did a few rounds of the well with randoms, then back to a few runs of zero hour, but during the last few attempts, destiny would just close, first it closed just after loading in to zero hour and a second time while waiting to load into the farm, so i gave up for a bit and decided to play some dirt rally, i noticed i was getting some random issues including sudden closing of that too, so did some testing of my hardware to see if anything was causing the issues, narrowed it down to a stick of ram that consistently failed to pass memtest, comp would still load and mostly work but would randomly have issues. So im guessing the ram messing up and crashing the game for me false positived, because a few hours later when I had replaced the faulty ram stick and fired up D2 for a few more hours of grind, I got the not so fast ban message :/ It sucks, really bad, in part because while i still have it on PS4 to play, i havent touched that copy for months and dont fancy the slow slog all the way back to low 700s, but more so because i just managed to encourage a few friends to try the game out and was looking forward to playing with them and helping them through the campaign. I know its likely impossible that the ban will get overturned, so this is more of a farewell for me, the prospect of buying the game + dlc a third time and starting from scratch again, just isn't something I'm willing to do so I'll be hanging up my titan armor and calling it a day. Wish you all the best with the game and hope the split from Activision will eventually lead to Destiny becoming the franchise they always wanted it to be! Farewell, fellow guardians!

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