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6/18/2019 9:28:19 AM

Gambit Prime AFK Botters (Again)

I keep running into these AFK botters in Gambit Prime and I need to rank up my Infamy but I keep losing my streak or I don't gain one at all since there's always at least 2 AFK botters in my game. Now before you say it yes I have reported all the people that AFK bot for Runes in Gambit Prime but I don't feel like my reports are doing anything because I keep running into the same people still not banned, on a cool down, or anything. It makes playing Gambit Prime a hell and NORMAL GAMBIT TOO they're everywhere just farming runes, talking shit, calling the game boring, and if you SAY A SINGLE WORD too these people they threaten you out the ass with like "I'm gonna take down your account." and it's just awful. These people play the game yet say "Dead game anyways no ones cares." or "Boring gamemode so it doesn't matter." I for one[b] LOVE[/b] Gambit and Gambit Prime it's just so fun to me but these people make it a living hell to do anything...

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