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Destiny 2

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6/18/2019 5:44:24 AM

So help me understand New Light real quick.

So let me get this straight.... We the loyal guardians (I’m not so loyal but I’ve paid for all content so far...) have to grind our gear to 750 only for it to be base for shadowkeep? And these new light peeps who can play for free play one mission then are boosted to 500 to 750 for free? And/or for free will get better loot drops for free to gear up compared to ours? And, what’s more, they can be selective with what content they can get while we pretty much had to buy all or none in our journey? Here’s the main questions, is there A. True compensation for loyal people who basically bought the unofficial beta of this game for so long? Or is this a middle finger? B.Going to be a level booster for shadowkeep new characters? Cuz I don’t remember there being rise of iron boosts but could be wrong. I’m asking cuz I bought the whole pack to play in summer for pic but now I’m being told that was worthless since players can get boosted for free through new light according to bungie e3. That is preposterous that players FOR FREE can get power it took us now 3 years to get. Am I wrong? I’ve tried to look for answers so I’ll just ask the forum lol. And I’m going to rant cuz they shouldn’t be getting 3 years of power from free access ‘just to catch up with paid playerbase. Can someone help me understand before I pull out my Type-54 Blackstar? Please and thank you

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