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6/18/2019 5:11:59 AM

Alt+Tab Breaking The Game

Whenever I alt tab out and then back into destiny, the game thinks that I'm pressing a button until i press it and release the button it [i]thinks[/i] is being pressed. Then sometimes it wont even register my keyboard input entirely, moving around randomly and forcing me to alt f4 and restart the game. Usually the button it thinks is being pressed is tab so it just opens the directory or pulls out my ghost, but sometimes it could be the button for my super, making me waste it when I tab back in. This has been a continuous issue for me for about half a year now and has persisted through two game re-installs. While I'm at it the game doesn't support multiple input sources at once, so I can't use my analog keyboard for the one game I wanted to use it for. Would be cool if that were able to be added.

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