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Upvote to Matchmake Forges / EP / Blind Well from Orbit. - QoL Changes.

It's already time consuming that we have to travel to ADA-1 after every frame calibration is completed, but can we possibly match make these activities from orbit? I mean, literally every other activity can be done from orbit with the exception of public events, Blind Well, and Escalation Protocol. It is easy and much faster as a coordinated 6 man team to complete these said activities, making the time spent less tedious. EDIT: Thank you for making this a Trending Post. I have summarized what I think might be decent QoL changes for the forges, Blind Well, Escalation Protocol. Quality of life changes that would be nice for the forges going forward would be: [i]Whether or not it is going to happen, don't know - most likely not.[/i] 1) - Matchmaking from Orbit. 2) - Rally Banner activation in Forges / Blind Well (Do not think E.P is needed) 3) - Remove the "Return to ADA-1" Step from Frames. 4) - Improve the response time of Activity Cancellation. (takes too long to cancel before being loaded into another activity) 5) - Unlock forges account wide including the frames pertaining to that forge. 6) - Let us Match Make Blind Well from Orbit. 7) - Let us Match Make Escalation Protocol from Orbit.

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