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In game voice chat not working/not active

I am having an issue getting my in-game voice chat to work. At first when people joined my fireteam I would see an error on the other player's banner stating "no voice due to NAT issues." so i went in and changed my network configuration. My NAT now states 'open' and I have no issues hearing others in my fireteam anymore. Now here is my issue: even though my 'voice chat' option is turned 'On' the 'speaker icon' doesn't even appear on my banner next to my name like it does for most everyone else. Whether 'push-to-talk' is on or off, it does not matter. I am unable to transmit my voice to others in the fireteam. I have a Logitech G430 headset. it has dual-jack hardware (one mic jack and one stereo jack). It also comes with a 'input-USB y-adaptor' that i am currently using. The headset drivers are up to date and it is set to my default device on both input and output channels. I even tested my mic on the BNet application launcher tool to see if that was somehow the issue. It works just fine there. It works on every other application on my computer including discord, any other VoIP, and other games. Destiny 2 is my only issue! And I have had this problem since day 1 of install. During troubleshooting I have even went to Destiny's main Dir and deleted some of the exe files, and then ran the 'repair' tool. When that didn't work I uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled. For awhile I gave up, since my primary voice chat is done through discord. it would just be nice to have in game. then i can participate in the lead raids and such. if anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it. I also realize that Destiny uses the 'default' devices do to the fact you can't change the device option in game.

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