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Destiny 2

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6/18/2019 2:34:16 AM

Astrozyt-Verse and the Warlock-Gear....

I play Destiny since the release on Playstation a long time ago and now with Destiny 2 on the PC the saga continues. But sometimes.... you just really feel betrayed. When today the Astrozyt-Verse dropped for me...I was like....that thing is familiar, but something is just wrong. How can it be, that the Destiny 1 Version looked superior, better like a whole Galaxy was in your Helmet...and the "new" Version looks rushed, loveless and somehow not satisfying. That´s the same treatment the Bonds of the Warlock got. Let´s be serious... in Destiny 1 where so many Bonds that just looked awesome and where Bungie really tried to max out the look of a Bond for the Warlock. In Destiny 2 there is not ONE, not ONE nice Bond for the Warlock. Destiny 2 has the most boring, uninspired, anti-badass Gear ever. That change will never come, I made peace with that. I am sad for those people that didn´t play Destiny 1, because If you could have seen what was available for the players....and what you are given would feel betrayed also. And this is no hate, but that game is truly missing love.

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