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ViZioN Community seeking NA PC members!

So, for the cherry on top! Q: What will I get out of this community? A: Hundreds of other players that share a passion and commitment towards COMMUNITY and FRIENDSHIPS! Q: If I play destiny but don’t participate in the community, is that grounds for removal? A: Yes! We promote the ways of “YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU PUT IN”. Discord helps ALL community members communicate with one another and is therefore mandatory for all new recruits! 🏆Fun Facts about ViZioN🏆: -We have a community Instagram to post our raids for first time Completions, exotic weapons, pinnacle weapons & anything else! Check it out for yourself! 👥DISCORD👥 -Discord is our MAIN SOURCE OF COMMUNICATION. Upon expressing interest in joining the community you can register in our discord and pick the PC Faction to join. -There is a “self promotion” channel, we ALWAYS help streamers and content creators alike! Our discord is JUST THE BEGINNING! The endgame is to make an impact among all the Destiny community and show what real gaming friendships bring to the table. If you’re interested in joining our ranks, leave a comment below and the Founders or admins will be in touch with you! Eyes Up, Guardian! LegendEvrmor
#Clans #vizion

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