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6/17/2019 9:06:03 PM

Game crashes to desktop no error code.

I have tried a dozen fixes but I get crashes atleast once or twice playing in a day. Roll back gpu drivers, v sync is off, uninstalled twice and even on another SSD hd, my RAM speeds are max, im am not over heating. Tried turning game on high priority, running it in admin, scan and repair and some other stuff. PC Spec - win 10 i7 7700k - RTX 2070 - 16GB RAM - 750watts PSU - 500GB SSD Here is the last crash report [spoiler]stack: session_id: Mon_06172019_225102_005776@x64@61224969@FB_F6_A1_95_FF_5F_A308 version: d2_live tiger_final release pc_x64 74462. 19.06.04 1456 thread information: thread_name: unknown, thread_id: 000035b8 halt: ### RUNTIME ERROR: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00007FF66DFAF620 halt information: (<unknown>) crash: tried to read address 0000000000000048 fatal error detected, current status was: init: init.txt version: d2_live tiger_final release pc_x64 74462. 19.06.04 1456 session_id: Mon_06172019_225102_005776@x64@61224969@FB_F6_A1_95_FF_5F_A308 GPU Device: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU VendorId: 4318 GPU DeviceId: 7943 GPU SubSysId: -2039476157 GPU Revision: 161 silo_id: 1665943536972945408 signon_server_reported_content_version: none reported authority-over-current-bubble: false - map slice set 'HASH(0xe6a6eb36)':1, activity slice set 8 authority-over-domain: false world_controller previous_state: activity:physics_join world_controller state: activity:in_world world_controller state_reason: unavailable environment_string: D2_ProdRetail:289 install type: 5 change-world: loaded caluseum_experience game_instance: 0000000014F1F76F game_is_playback: false activity_tier: activity-slice-set-index: 8 map-slice-set-index: 1 in-public-bubble: false AH active workspace: <no active workspace> activity_host_fireteam_is_connected: yes activity_host_last_fireteam_session_id: Mon_06172019_120843_120708@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH04SRV013 activity: caluseum_experience activity_host_group_target_is_connected: no activity_host_group_target_session_id: Sun_06162019_175246_003984@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH07SRV016 activity_host_group_current_is_connected: no activity_host_last_group_current_session_id: Sun_06162019_175246_003984@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH07SRV016 system_milliseconds: time 86172380 timezone_seconds_offset_from_UTC: -36000 is_current_bubble_authority: false crash_folder_location: C:\Users\Cameron\AppData\Local\Temp\Destiny 2\crash_folder\pc_x64\crash_folder_5776_20190618_051324\ primary_bap_server_ip_address: primary_bap_server_port: 7500 world_controller state_status: activity:in_world (goal:036:activity:in_world) player_position_x: 102.027374 player_position_y: 60.394535 player_position_z: -44.010571 [/spoiler] I really need this fixed because I randomly crash in raids and PvP.
#pcsupport #Help

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