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6/15/2019 10:07:05 PM

Buff for two tailed fox please?

Summary: Recently been using two tailed fox in the zero hour mission helping friends get there outbreak, really useful for all the shielded majors, but I found myself using it more out of boredom instead of its lethality... Or the lack there of. Don't get me wrong i love got cool of a gun it is but it doesn't really compete with other legendary or exotic weapons. I can't utilize the void rockets ability because... It's a rocket, it just kills the thing and the perk doesn't work on bosses. Plus the solar rockets burn damage isnt really that strong either. Damage phases with this weapon are terrible because even with a rally barricade or a warlock using lunifaction boots, it takes forever for this weapon to fire those rockets. It doesn't exactly seem fair when wardcliff coil can fire it's VOLLEY of rockets at lightening speed and delete bosses In 2 of those volleys and I'm still sitting in the back trying to get my second pull of the trigger in. I keep using this gun cuz it's cool and I want it to be good but there are other things that are more worthy of the exotic or heavy slot. Improvements: Void rockets should have the same effect as the tractor cannon, except only lasting for 2 or 3 seconds, so that way you're not dragging down your team for using a slow firing heavy and it can at least have some utility against bosses Solar rockets should either have their burn damage buffed a little or be changed to a cluster rocket, so in the very least it can be better used against large groups of high health targets or vehicles Fire rate should be doubled, or sped up at least a little, it's frustrating using a rocket launcher that you can't spam like everything else in this game Assuming that all of these changes were made, reduce the base damage of the rockets to 2/3 of a normal rocket for balances sake. That way your not completely doing the job of two guardians but you can still have the power fantasy of having a double barrel rocket launcher. Really hope this gets seen by bungie or passed around.

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