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6/17/2019 1:33:25 PM

Why "must KWTD" is the outcome of a not optimal Raid difficulty design

just to get this out of the way: - yea i did all the raids.. - yes i know the standard "make your own raid group if you dont like it"- argument - yes you can personally do whatever you want. - i dont care what YOU personally did or not did to find yoru raid group.. - its not "nerf the raid" request - and no the raids are not "too hard" its not about this.. move on please.. for the rest: i would love to start discussing why the omnipotent all reoccuring "mustKWTD" or short "MKWTD" in combination of "must have 2 Billion legit clears" shows about the Raid difficulty scaling and setting, as well as the overall raid structure.. when i first raided (my ever first raid of all times) i had a level 26 char with a blue scout rifle and i found my team on and we cleared the vault of glass afetr a whooping 8 hours of trying and testing.. and it was undoubtly great and awesome when that sucker atheon finally died.. i raided him several times after this and even made several warlocks to get more chances to actually get up level 30 to not be "forever29" (which i failed to do and i used the iron banner to get to max level finally) so by that time finding a raid team was basically expressing the wish to raid and sure as hell there would be a raid team to pick you up since raiders were rare and groups were constantly searching for people brave enough to raid.. there was no "will teach" and no " must KWTD or kick". it was just "you raid?, cool you in". then crotas end came and it was even more inviting since some real badasses wouldbe able to solo the raid and could carry an entire team but it was always room for errors and revives even if completely clutched .. so you could have several grades of raiders that were able to contribute. you had the professional that knew the raid and knew all paths on the one end and the complete noob that just needed a direction in which he had to shoot and stay alive.. roles were pretty much fixed and you culd learn by being there and watching and maybe trying a run or two.. so getting into a raid was a given and you did not even needed to know everything just how to shoot your gun. in kingsfall this basic idea changed by defult for the first time.. you had random elements in the raid that made a random choice for the "chosen one".. but with the normal raid you could just "jump off" and give the role to the next guy (for example in the throne room) and have this taken care of in this way.. leviathan was pretty much supplying the team with a role for everyone. you needed to know all parts but it was pretty much okay to just learn the exercise and then rinse and repeat. you had special roles like the shadowrealm or other occasions but in general everyone needed to do "the job" and needed to know "the job".. until spre of starts where the final battle was quite mind boggling conoluted and you needed to memorize a ton of sequences to best the final boss.. and even afetr you did this you had to run to your orb and throw it successfully or the team was wiping.. ... and people were complaining and more and more "KTWD" came up since all raid team members needed to know the drill to successfully clear an encoutner.. then as time went by people discovered glitches and cheats and some raid clears were just "kill the boss" so with the last wish raid releasing there was a crap ton of communication and hidden mechanics that on top of staying alive required to not only knowing what to do but also to communicate flawless or you had to wipe (well actually the game did this to you) so the raids went from an exited activity that people were eager to complete in order to gte to max light and get that awesome loot.. to a chore. people HAD to be experienced and had to have at least several clears and had to be quick and had to speedrun the activity .. why? well you could get loot and max light everywhere. the raids lost their "new thing" factor and the loot was "meh" at best.. there have been plenty of no raid-gear options that outshined the raid gear by far. and the current raids require a TON of knowledge.. Datto said it quite nicely in one of his streams.. the difficulty of the raids is in the knowledge not the skill of gunplay .. especially with well and shards and skull and more .. now i remember wrath of the machine being a quite enjoyable raid with a lot of very interessting encoutners, views and mechanics and it left room for talk in between the encoutners, exploration and there have been some secrets involved and you still could fail several times and still clutch the raid encoutner.. now we have raid encounters like eow and cods (and i think SOTP can be named also as one since its not a full raid) that have a quite huge entry barrier (= knowledge) but a low skill ceiling . in last wish i still have no clue about the vault since noone wanted to explain it..and i never did riven the legit way since none of the raid teams wanted to do this.. so i am lacking knowledge and i could not participate in the active part of the encounter since i am not trained in how to do it..(read it) and here is where this infamous "KWTD" comes to play.. people are not seeking for enthusiastic raiders to get into that adventure anymore.. they want people who dont need any explanation do not require any introduction and know everything by hearth.. already.. and have the proof to show this. i already read some mad requirements like "must have 10+ clears" seriously? why would i run with you if i already have 10 clears? isnt that "over" then? i know that you can run the last wish for 50 times and still the 100 voices wont drop but by that time i would long have moved on. I got Anarchy on my first run.. and that wsa the raid for me. UNLESS some filks asked me for a run to train them and it was good once we eliminated the randoms.. now randoms are NOT the issue.. really.. the standard random that does the raid for the first time is NOT the issue.. as long as they are patient enough.. works for me.. i tought eow and they managed to kill the boss ont he second day.. all fine.. o SOTP i had 3 guy from the clan and 2 guys radoms who somehow expected a KWTD run.. and although i explained it to them that this is a slow run and we will figure it out and that i will NOT run key functions sicne i want other players to experience this and learn this.. in total 4 guys quit after one to two runs that did not result in a success.. and thats bad. the expectation of KWTD is prepping players for a "6:45 speedrun by Gladd" style session.. but thats not enjoyable.. and having to get out and finding a new guy resulted in having 2 randoms backing out and we spend way to long in trying to find a replacement.. (and guided games did absolutely NOT work at all.. -.-) so currently the final boss of any raid is the LFG section , the community section or the find fireteam section of the third plarty applications that you are forced to go to in order to find people and its frustrating.. also the KWTD mantra somehow have players expect that we clear this today , now , immediately .. when i might just have time for the first two encounters.. now we migth all agree on the fact that a simple matchmaking as it is in strikes doesnt work.. with no options the wendigo farm has become a chore for strike players and having to constantly lose to your own team just camping the portal or just doing their hush bow kills in gambit is also not helping the game modes.. (and dont get me started with crucible. where i shoudl never see recluse or LH or NF unless i got them too. since my rank is so utterly below thos eguys who got their pinnacle weapons that i shoudl never see the barrel of said guns if the matchmaking would match fair and competitive instead of "placefiller, desperately looking to start a game " (which then drives away even more players and the whole shit detoriates until really on pinnacle users are left to play pinnacle users in sweaty matches 24/7) so what needed here is an overhaul of the entire matchmaking system.. with way more options than currently avaliable.. you want solo strikes. tickbox you want two teammates for nightfall? tickbox you want a game lobby and look for others tha can raid? yeah apply here, select your players and if you are okay with them invite them to chat . have minimum lightlevel, clears (if you have to) and microphone as tickboxes and check out their loadout before you invite them to your fireteam. some with every other activity in the game.. you want to broadcast the need for two nightfall players to your clan only? tickbox you want to get two in for pvp bounties? tickbox? clans only? tickbox.. the biggest barrier to play with my clan is that i simply cant ask them until they somehow have joined a community or have a computer near them with a discord app.. i cant even ask them if they need help until i went through the chore to ask them, one by one, via the inbuild playstation message function.. and that needs to change.. in game..

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