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6/16/2019 11:32:30 PM

About Cross Save, and why I am unlikely to make use of it.

[quote]Q: Can players merge different characters, items, or Triumphs from different accounts? A: Cross save does not feature account, character, or progress merging. Selecting a active account for cross save does not delete or alter the data of any other accounts. [/quote] I want to make sure I understand this correctly... If It's effectively giving us 2 accounts on 2 platforms to log in on (the platform primary or the cross save account) then I suppose that's not so bad because those options still exist, [i][b]BUT[/b][/i] the big drawback is that some people are likely to end up trying to grind 9 different characters even with cross save unless they want to just throw some work out the window and ignore the others. If the function is akin to the above, where it essentially adds an extra account to the other 2 platforms (which is about the only way I can think of this working without merging anything or overwriting the other accounts) then I suppose that makes it easier to play one account with certain people, but for someone who has played some iteration of Destiny on all three platforms, there seems no real reason to do so unless helping people do certain content that the other account has yet to unlock or lacks power level to complete. And, honestly? It doesn't really take all that long to power through story and power up in the first place, especially with some of the new power surge options. The main things I would be lacking, for example, is my collections and certain item rolls/mods if I opted to ignore the cross save option. At this point there's very little I have on PS4 that I haven't obtained on PC other than Dredgen and 2 exotics, and I'm mostly ok with ignoring that, but I would sooner play on xbox from scratch than potentially forfeit my D1 memories from that platform. Cross save for me would only serve to help old friends with end game content until I was able to grind up the xbox account to appropriate power and gear for it, and then cross save would cease to matter for me. It's a great thing for people that currently only have one account or are new enough that they missed out on the first iteration, but seems pretty "meh" for someone like myself. I was really hoping for some degree of a merge option because I would only need a single account, be able to retain the veteran content and some accolades, have all my Eververse content in one place, and be able to play with friends anywhere with the only decision needing to be [i]who[/i] I wanted to play with at the time. It would have been a far superior option compared to what we appear to be getting... Don't get me wrong, what we are getting is better than nothing and I am still happy for it... but that happiness is more for the people that will benefit from it substantially more than people like myself. I hope that at some point in the future it will be possible to add some degree of merge for those of us that want to maintain all the work we've put in and memories built without needing to continue splitting our attention across multiple accounts to do so.

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