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Изменено (Rasterise): 6/16/2019 6:18:21 PM

Congratulations, you've ruined crucible

reinstate the requirement to earn a kill


lower damage


both of the above


just delete the whole gun from the game


Recently I have started having more fun with the crucible. However, about 12 hours after I started enjoying myself, the vast majority of the community unequipped their skill and placed the lord of wolves in their special slot. This gun is unbeatable is close quarters and even beyond that. Allowing players to activate release the wolves without any conditions makes players unbeatable. Aim is not required, and running out of ammo doesn't happen with shotgun scavenger. This is not an issue with anything but lord of wolves. Reinstate the requirement to earn a kill before activating the buff or just nerf the damage output. Until something changes, crucible will cease to be fun. Also, I did not include the option to say that the gun is fine as is because there are no opinions regarding that, only facts. The gun is over powered. Its that simple.

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