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Изменено (MergingChicken): 6/16/2019 3:48:02 PM

An exotic kinetic sword?

Would be nice to see a kinetic melee weapon that uses special ammo. Been seeing posts about this lately and thought I'd put some ideas out there. An exotic sword that uses special ammo in the kinetic slot. This melee weapon could have less impact than normal swords (2 tap under normal circumstances, 1 tap heavy attack) and could be a new archetype which is something we sorely need. The Exotic trait, besides being a special ammo consuming kinetic melee, could be that it utilizes all melee attributes towards its heavy attack (besides some class melee abilities). What this would mean, for example, is that say you are running Synthocepts on Code of The Juggernaut Arc Titan subclass, and you heavy attack an enemy using this exotic weapon. The heavy attack would not only damage the enemy but activate Reversal--subclass trait that triggers health regeneration-- along with having an extended lunge range from the Synthocepts. This could also factor in the Hands-on armor trait which grants bonus super energy from melee kills, Impact Induction which grants grenade energy on melee kills, and Frontal assault (another subclass trait that increases weapon damage). Some more examples would be a Titan running Dunemarchers to trigger Linear Actuators arc chaining ability. Titan subclass traits such as the solar Sol Invictus and even the void Defensive strike. It could also activate Striking Hand while aboard the Leviathan granting 20% more damage and a bunch of other Warlock and Hunter things like Cross-Counter perhaps. Exclusions would have to be Titan sprint bash abilities, Titan throwing hammer, Hunter Tempest Strike, Warlock Ball Lightning, etc. Pretty much any range based melee is excluded and any 100% fist based melee will work. Another idea could see this weapon with a trait based on your elemental subclass and rest in the energy slot. The exotic sword would not have its own element but a perk that ties it to your elemental subclass. This trait could [b]debuff[/b] the target and suppress in an aoe using [i]void subclass[/i], [b]shock[/b] the target and blind in an aoe using[i] arc subclass[/i], and [b]explode the intended target back[/b] while applying a burning aoe using [i]solar subclass[/i]. Void users would see more team support while using this, arch users would see more tactical use out of it, and solar users would see more of an offensive use.

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