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впервые опубликовано в: Autos need a buff to damage as well as stability (rant time).
6/16/2019 3:00:51 PM
I'm not sure a damage buff is necessary, but I do think all AR's need a stability increase and an ammo increase across the board. I got a God Roll Halfdan about a month ago that I thought would finally allow me to enjoy AR's in the crucible again. Man was I wrong. So hard to keep on target, especially in a game packed with Hunters that can just insta dodge or Mexican bean jump while 3 tapping you in the face with a handcannon. I've never played on PC, but my understanding is that the recoil on weapons is greatly reduced there to the point of another Meta compared to consoles. AR's getting their stability increased and maybe getting a 20% bump in ammo isn't going to completely rework the Meta, but I think it would increase the amount of weapons capable of being competitive in PvP.

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